And how are you?

So in doing everything for baby Zoe I realized I needed to share the little things of Alora too before mommy brain takes over and I forget.

One of Alora’s ever so popular response to “How are YOU?” is “2”. For some reason no matter how many times we tell her people are saying how are you, not how old are you it doesn’t quite sink in. So her little lovely quirk will forever be “2”.

Now on to Yesterday: the first day home alone with the 2 girls: The beginning of the day was not too bad. Alora actually took a nap. Of course I didn’t get one because the one time of day Zoe decided to be up was at the exact same time Alora slept. We then had a dr.’s appt. for Alora’s cough, to which the dr. said “it’s spring.” As if i couldn’t have figured that out without a phd. So she’s fine and just has a cough along with the rest of the family. Then we get home and Alora decides to run into the street, at a speed in which i can’t catch her. Then when we get inside and Zoe is crying from hunger, I’m fixing a bottle and I hear a pounding downstairs, to which I want to check on, but the phone rings and it’s the insurance company saying we owe $200 because they won’t pay to this particular company. AGHHHHH! So i take the information with a screaming child in one arm, a microwave going off, and a pounding downstairs. Once i get downstairs I discover the sound of the pounding. BLUE CRAYON on the WHITE OFFICE WALLS! The art is beautiful!

I am now realizing I am not cut out for being a mommy of two and my two year old is deaf, well not really just to the sound of my voice apparently. A few other things happened but none quite as tragic.

So for the tally of the first day at home with the girls: 6 times crying from mom, a bunch more yelling, and more spanks than I want to admit.

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