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This is the // it is the blog of Heather and Jason Fisher and now our little one Alora Renea. She will probably be taking up most of this blog since she kinda runs our lives now. I hope you will stick around and read up on what has been happening.

So why Fish and Chips story?  Well as anyone in my family knows Fish just kinda works out to be our nick name.  I am pretty sure we all had it at some point.  Well when Heather and I began dating people wanted to come up with a name for us both and Fish and Chips stuck. (Thanks Chris Hurst)  And so this is our story.

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  • Jennifer Benner (Abbott)

    Jason- Shelley sent me this site to check it out. It looks like you and your family are doing well and it is always nice to see how old friends are doing. My husband, three kids, and I all live in Baltimore. If you are ever nearby you should give me a shout. Perhaps you can make it to the next reunion.
    Wishing you well….

    Comment | February 15, 2008

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